How to Find the Right Social Media Marketing Agency

How to Find the Right Social Media Marketing Agency

Businesses today have to establish a social media presence so as to connect with the millions of active users. Over the last few years, social media platforms have seen a surge in the number of users actively using them on a daily basis. This has prompted businesses to join in the trend as they seek to engage their target audience. To establish and run social medial marketing campaigns, businesses can choose between hiring social media marketing agencies or going it alone. The former option promises to bring on board specialized skills and more resources to guarantee success.


The question then becomes how do businesses identify the right social media marketing agency?

Look for a Track Record

When it comes to hiring the services of the right social media marketing company, you will need to look for a proven track record. As a business, you want to deal with an agency that provides value for your money. Ask about the agency’s accomplishments when it comes to dealing with similar businesses in your industry. The majority of social media marketing agencies also provide SEO services. If you live in Seattle, WA then working with your local Seattle SEO expert is very important. You can typically find a great social media marketing agency that can provide SEO and package it all into one. You want to find an agency that has an idea of what you need when it comes to social media marketing and some measure of success to show for it.

Establish a Content Development Strategy

In social media marketing, engagement is essential. One of the ways companies get to engage with the target market is by posting content that the target market finds interesting, useful and sharable. This brings us to the next tip, look for a company with an established content development strategy. For your social media marketing efforts to bear any fruits, you will need to come up with tons of high-quality content in different forms of media i.e. images, videos and text. Never underestimate the ability of a search engine optimization expert in Seattle that can provide the content and optimize it properly for your website.


Hiring a social media marketing agency is the beginning of a long and dynamic relationship. At the beginning, you will have some goals and objectives. As time passes, your social media marketing needs may also change. It is vital that you identify an agency that has a working reporting process. This will help both parties maintain open lines of communication for as long as the relationship persists. You will need to be informed on the progress of the social media marketing campaign rollout; while the agency will need to be informed of any changes in their objectives and focus.


As is the case with any other investment or project, it is vital that you have a way of measuring the state of progress and success of the social media marketing campaign from time to time. It is, therefore, important that you only focus on social media marketing agencies that have established a reliable means of measuring the success of the marketing campaign. This can be through monitoring click-through rates, conversion rates, engagement rates and user traffic among others.

Social media marketing can be a huge success when it comes to connecting and engaging the target market. However, it goes without saying that without the right partner, all your efforts and investment may be in futility.

Using SEO To Drive Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

Using SEO To Drive Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

As of now, it is pretty evident how large companies and even small local businesses treat SEO as a major part of their internet marketing campaigns.  Based on the latest released statistics, there are around 10 Billion searches conducted on a monthly basis and 20% of them are done using Google, which makes Google the leading search engine site. Companies who want to maintain a solid online authority and presence aim to land on the first page of the Google results page for their most profitable keywords.  In order to do this, they must employ healthy search engine optimization tactics which includes managing keyword density, healthy back linking, increasing social media marketing, web design, and other relevant strategies. However, the Google search algorithm is complex and is constantly changing.  That is why most companies are hiring the services of a local Seattle SEO expert to help them gain a better SERP ranking.


Hiring SEO Administration Companies

The process involving SEO is a long and continuous process.  You have to continue employing the best practices if you want to maintain on the first page of the search engine sites. Creating a department that will tackle the this process is a costly way to do it that is why outsourcing your search engine marketing is recommended.  They will be able to provide all the services associated with SEO such as Internet Marketing, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, optimizing website and other services.

Web Design

Before, web design was not a major part of an SEO campaign, however as Google executed numerous changes such as the Google Panda, they are now highly considering the design of the page.  Most of the websites on the first page of Google are highly responsive and mobile optimized.  If the last time you updated your website was two years ago, then this is the perfect time to hire a Seattle Internet Marketing company and develop a mobile optimized and responsive website for your business. If your website is not mobile optimized you will lose your current rankings.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now a vital piece of the internet marketing campaign.  Almost everyone has their social media accounts and companies are looking at it as an opportunity to reach out to their current audience and attractive new potential customers.  Social Media Marketing also gives you the chance to reach a wider set of audience and immediately take action on any complaints that customers may have about your company or product/service.

Website Optimization

The content is still the no.1 factor that drives the search engine rankings.  But it is not just about having a healthy density of a keyword.  There are a lot of things that you should do about the content of your website such as in-linking, back linking, html ratio, indexing, using the right keyword and others. Web optimization is the bigger picture; it involves understanding the whole process because a single mistake (such as wrongfully enabling the robot.txt) will prevent the search engine from indexing your site.  This means that your site will never appear on any result of the search engine site.

To make sure that the social media marketing, web design, internet marketing are executed appropriately, seek the help of a reliable Seattle SEO expert.  They will point out all the issues that are affecting your SERP ranking and fix it immediately.