Tennant touched by United drama

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David Tennant has said he thinks the Munich air disaster in 1958 contributed to how Manchester United are today.

The former Doctor Who actor plays their legendary coach Jimmy Murphy in United, a BBC drama about the crash in which eight young players lost their lives.

The 40-year-old actor believes the crash had a profound affect on Manchester United, now a multi-million pound business boasting millions of fans across the globe.

He said: “I get the sense that what happened in Munich in 1958, how the team coped with it and how they came back from the brink, was possibly the beginning of Manchester United as the kind of world football team they are today.

“The way they conducted themselves and struggled back with such dignity and fight has inspired an international love for the team, and that is due in no small part to what Jimmy Murphy did.”

The drama also stars Skins actor Jack O’Connell as a young Bobby Charlton and Any Human Heart’s Sam Clafin as Duncan Edwards.

David said: “I’m not a football expert but I was completely bowled over by the incredible story and the journey that Manchester United went on.

“On a very basic level, it’s a true story but it also looks at the arbitrary nature of fate, the capriciousness of life and the triumph of the human spirit.”

:: United is a one-off drama airing on Easter Sunday on BBC2.

TONIGHT (April 24th) at 9 PM, David Tennant stars as Jimmy Murphy in the BBC two drama United! Go watch it for me! I’ll get caps as soon as I can :)



Scans + videos + Happy Red Nose Day!

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Big big thanks to hamsterfur on livejournal for so generously allowing us to use her scans, we know how the recent Times magazine with Catherine Tate and David Tennant, also Radio Times scans featuring David’s Uganda diaries – I highly encourage EVERYONE to read this, it’s heartfelt and a good read!

We interrupt our latest Single Father video efforts to release the Photoshoot with David and Catherine that was released by Times (he and Catherine make the appearance towards the end, this features the entire photoshoot)

We’ll have more stuff coming up, I have a few videos to sort, maybe some screencaps if I’m feeling generous… :) Also, happy red nose day!

Tenn Media Single Father Part One update!

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Geez, It’s been forever. I’ve had these videos waiting on my desktop for…Four months? Yeah, there’s no excuse for that. Hopefully we can treat this as a Tennantively birthday present! I chose what I deemed as pivotal or interesting scenes, best for demonstrating David’s talent and major points of the story.

Single Father Part One clip 1

David Tennant plays Dave, a newly widowed man and father of four children. This is part one’s beginning sequence.

Single Father Part One clip 2

This is the second clip selected from Single Father part one. This is a great scene for watching the character development of David and Surrane’s character as they fix the tent.

Single Father Part One clip 3

This is a truly riveting scene where Dave discovers his wife’s death. Amazing bit of acting, watch with a tissue box on hand!

Single Father Part One clip 4

Another great scene of acting. Dave is feeling quite reckless while speeding on his motorcycle and gets pulled over. One of my favorite scenes in part one.

Single Father Part One clip 5

Lovely scene of the family regrouping and sharing memories of Rita their mother, illustrating Dave’s attempts as the force that bonds his family.

Single Father Part One clip 6

Classic scene. Dave has a meltdown in his bathroom, Sarah attempts to cheer him up and be there for him as a friend, and they share a passionate moment that they must recuperate from.

I’ve made these in iMovie, so they’re better viewing quality (just takes longer to upload!) I’m working on parts two, three, and four now. Hopefully it won’t take another four months to get them over here.


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Hey everyone!

We’d love to announce the newest addition to the Tennantively family, Tennant-Forums.com! Go on and check them out and join if you’re up for some awesome David discussion! 😀

Tennant Forums – your forum definition of David Tennant resource

Happy 39th Birthday David!

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Tennantively is back! Just in time for the special date. Without further ado…

Happy Birthday David! We love you & hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Honestly, there’s no birthday graphic because for David’s birthday Tenn got a new layout! Courtesy of Cristy at Daxter Studios! There’s also a new layout at Tennant Photos made by moi! 😀 Hope you enjoy these fresh new looks!

I’ve also fixed a bunch of photos on the pages like the biography, past layouts & I’ve gone through affiliates and cleaned dead links/non linked back ones.

Derren Brown also blogged about David & his birthday!

Last, but not least I’ve added a bunch of photos! 1 photo to session 18, 2 photos to session 40, 1 photo from Of Mice and Men, 1 photo from Single Father, 13 photos from Radio Times Cover Party 2009, 6 photos from Radio Times Cover Party 2010 & an exclusive 5 photos of David in Holding the Baby from 1997!

Under the Radar Interview Transcribed

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Thanks to Mark Redfern at Under the Radar Magazine, the article with David’s interview is now up on their website with some photos not seen in the magazine!

See the interview here!

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